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Securing Each Child's Future--For Eternity




What We Provide

  • A quality education with developmentally appropriate hands-on, active-learning curriculum.
  • A caring, well-qualified staff.
  • Christian values both modeled and taught, where children and their families can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your interest in St. John’s Preschool and Childcare Center! Our Center provides care for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age in a loving Christian environment. We are proud of our program which encourages children to become aware of their full potential.


If you have toured our Center, you have seen first-hand the educational and fun activities we offer. If you have not yet had an opportunity to see our Center in operation, we hope that you will call to set up a tour soon. This website presents information that will acquaint you with our Center. You will also find some specific information related to your child’s age and the program we provide. We encourage you to visit our Center and see for yourself what a GREAT place St. John’s Preschool & Childcare Center is!


Great Atmosphere

Our staff fosters a loving, Christian atmosphere of caring and nurturing that encourages children to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We help each child develop a healthy self-concept and become self-directed. We encourage each child to thrive in his/her environment and to interact with other children and adults in a positive way.


Wonderful Environment

Our facilities are spacious, well-lit and designed for the world of children. Our child care center is designed to let children touch, explore and manipulate their environment. Days are planned with a balance of planned, structured activities and freedom of choice all within a routine which allows children to anticipate what comes next.



We are conveniently located so that we can offer the children many fulfilling experiences within this community. We specialize in infant and toddler care, preschool, and school-age care. We have established a unique, non-profit child care center for families within our community and from our surrounding communities.

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